JBJ Liquid Washing Homogenizing Mixer

JBJ type liquid washing homogenizing mixer is mainly suitable for the preparation of liquid detergents (such as detergent, shampoo, shower gel, cosmetic homogenizer mixer etc.). The reactor integrates functions of stirring, dispersing, heating, cooling, pumping, etc. Ideal for liquids. The liquid-washing mixing pot is a must-have device for the production of cosmetic shampoos, shower gels, hand soaps and other daily chemical companies. It is slowly stirred by the blades in the pot to make the materials fully mixed and blended to meet the requirements of the customer's production process. The liquid washing and stirring pot is also equipped with a platform, and the control cabinet is arranged on the platform. The heating, the stirring speed and the heating time are all completed on the same operation plane, and the operation is extremely simple and the efficiency is extremely high!

JBJ type liquid washing homogenizing mixer is divided into normal pressure liquid washing tank and vacuum liquid washing tank according to the basic structure of the main pot. The stirring type of the equipment has tower type multi-layer stirring paddle and frame type scraping wall stirring paddle or other combination form, and can also be pressed. It can also be equipped with AES disperser or homogenizer according to user requirements.

There are many types of liquid washing homogenizing mixer, which can be flexibly configured into various production lines according to the user's production scale and process requirements. For example, by adding corresponding pre-dissolving pots, cooling pots, transfer pumps, etc., the user's production efficiency and energy saving can be improved. Consumption.


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