Guangzhou Yuxiang Light Industry Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and dairy equipment. We undertake equipment design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, technical improvement support, technical consultancy and other services.


Yuxiang Machinery will be responsible for the equipment sent to the demand side of the factory, and to ensure that on time, durability, security to complete the equipment manufacturing and installation. If you find any material change or urgent need for material purchase, please contact us directly. We will respond to you at the fastest speed to ensure your progress and use.

Yuxiang Machinery guarantee that the products provided are qualified products, without any appearance defects and hidden defects.

Yuxiang Machinery on the needs of the use of personnel for technical training, (for our sales of equipment);

Yuxiang Machinery commitment in strict accordance with the equipment technical parameters table supply.

Quality assurance:

1.From the equipment to complete the installation and commissioning machine free warranty 12 months, life-long maintenance, except for wearing parts;

2.The equipment during the warranty period in Guangzhou and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Zhejiang region after repair, 24 hours to the equipment site;

3.Equipment warranty period, only the replacement of equipment costs, free labor costs (except for man-made reasons);

4.Since the end of the installation and commissioning of the equipment, every year we regularly for the maintenance of equipment, the first year free of charge, once every year.

5.Set up service supervision hotline, 24 hours caring service and the establishment of a complete and detailed service files;

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